These days, with the recession felt in most countries in the world, employment and the means to find an income is difficult. Nonetheless, becoming a .NET programmer is a good career option that a lot of developers have pursued and will continue to pursue for many years. True indeed, becoming a .NET developer is a good option, especially today where technology has dominated most sectors worldwide. However, being a programmer is not enough since you should also be effective and efficient to succeed. A .NET developer should have the competencies needed to become good and competent. The main thing that a programmer should know is finding the appropriate solutions that also meet client requirements. Moreover, programmers should choose an application that could bring out the best .NET platform capacities. If you want to make it as a .NET programmer, you should be experienced and well-versed with the latest programing technologies.

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If one wants to become a professional ASP.NET Developer, they needs to have a basic knowledge to ASP.NET as well as C#. In general they needs to know how exactly ASP.NET works in terms of CLR i.e. pipeline, module and handlers. As you are going to use Database it will be better to know about SQL too and other database that relates to it. If you want your web application to get properly layered, TDD and design pattern is something to which you should get familiar with. In one and all, the main thing is you need to have experience and in this term I don't think there will anything better than practicing, so start now and gain more. In spite of this there is lot to deal in ASP.NET and I think for that you should refer to the link mentioned below.


ASP.NET is a much preferred technology nowadays. The platform is perfect for developing a web application or a website. A developer is someone who is extremely competent in meeting client requirements and should also have a sturdy knowledge in the platform. ASP.NET development requires the mastery of the current technologies and adeptness in comprehending and analyzing the requirements. An ASP.NET developer enjoys more demand today. Some of the responsibilities of a developer include developing and designing a code that adhere to client requirements.  Moreover, an effective developer also assists and supports developers in the development lifecycle aspects, do business requirement analyses and coordinates with other team members in building, designing and managing websites. ASP.NET allows a developer to work alongside competent developers who never miss any project deadline. Developers of ASP.NET use HTML, JavaScript and more. Furthermore, they also perform and manage SQL server administration and provide accessibility to website design.

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